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Donor's Portfolio

Congratulations! You finally made a decision to replace your Shul’s furniture – or re-do the whole interior sanctuary, maybe even to build a brand-new Shul!

You started fund raising, collected money from the Kahal (congregants), maybe you are luckier and a big donner offered his support.

But you also know that in order to start the process seriously, you need commitment. You want to make sure there’s a way to ensure the funds for this entire venture.

So – what do you do? How will you induct the donners and make them your partners who are committed to your project?

How will those donners envision the Aron Kodesh or seats they’re considering to pay for?


This is where Lavi enters: we offer you our Donor’s Portfolio.

The Donor’s Portfolio is a high-resolution book with realistic renderings of the interior Shul, including all the millwork, the seating layout, etc. Every item will be presented individually – including fine details – that will help your potential donner/s to relate and get excited.


How does it work?

We’ll walk together through a planning and designing process, including the specifications of all items, the seating layout, the art that is going to glorify the Holy Ark, etc.


Is this free?

Well… no and yes.

The process of design and the final booklet will cost you. But, once placing the final order – the amount you paid for the Donner Portfolio will be deducted from the total sum.

This is how you gain twice: we help you dreaming, and pay you back when your dreams come true.

Illustrations for Example:

, Donor’s Portfolio, Lavi Furniture
, Donor’s Portfolio, Lavi Furniture
, Donor’s Portfolio, Lavi Furniture