Aron Kodesh / Torah Ark – Modern Style

Aron Kodesh / Torah Ark – Modern Style

Torah Ark – Modern Style

The modern Aron Kodesh/Torah Ark, like its traditional counterpart, occupies the same place on the Eastern wall of the synagogue or Beit Midrash, facing Jerusalem. Often there are also steps leading to it.It is distinguished by its clean and modern lines, borrowing ideas from contemporary furniture and other inspirational sources that present a dramatic and imposing centerpiece.

Specialist designers at Lavi are engaged in seeking out interesting concepts and integrating them with Jewish verses, inscriptions, motifs and traditions.

The result is stunning artwork that celebrates the modern synagogue and is the pride of the Jewish community.

Protecting the Torah Ark
Lavi Furniture Industries places equal priority on protection and aesthetics. Every Aron HaKodesh has advanced features to safeguard the Torah scrolls from natural or malicious damage.

Safety locks and internal steel crossbars make the cabinets highly resistant to break-ins. These safety measures assure maximum protection for the precious contents inside, lower the insurance costs and increase the peace of mind of worshippers.

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