Aron Kodesh / Torah Ark – Traditional Style

Aron Kodesh / Torah Ark – Traditional Style

Aron Kodesh Torah Ark Traditional Style

The Aron HaKodesh/ Torah Ark is found in every Synagogue: Ashkenazi Jewish communities call it the Holy Ark, while the Oriental Jews call it the Heichal. 
Located on the wall that faces Jerusalem and containing the sacred Torah scrolls, the Ark is the spiritual center and focus for worshippers. It is usually placed on a raised platform with several steps – a reminder of its elevation in the original Temple.
Building the Ark is a specialist craft. The cabinet is made from a combination of massive solid wood elements (mostly beech, oak and mahogany) and panels covered with a matching veneer. It is adorned with wood carvings, verses from the Torah, models of the Tablets of the Law, and decorative colored glass or metal items. For the most part, the Aron Kodesh is also clothed in an embroidered curtain and surrounded by stout and impressive columns.

The design process follows intense collaboration where every detail is planned according to accepted Halachic pronouncements, the customary style in the particular community and various ethnic customs. Cabinet dimensions are determined by the number of worshippers, size of prayer hall, the number of Torah scrolls and how they will be stored in the Ark.

Protecting the Torah Ark
At Lavi Furniture Industries, protection and aesthetics share equal importance. Every Torah Ark is fitted with advanced features to safeguard it from natural or malicious damage.

The cabinets are very strong, with safety locks and steel crossbars. These safety measures assure maximum protection for the precious contents inside, lower the insurance costs and increase the peace of mind of worshippers.

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