bimah teivah modern style


Bimot/ Teivot – Modern Style

The modern-style Bimah/ Teivah, like the modern-style Holy Ark, sets the tone for innovation and freshness in synagogues of the new kind. Similar to the traditional stage, it also serves as the beating heart of the synagogue, physically and spiritually, and draws the attention of the worshippers to it.

The construction process is particularly challenging and fascinating – mainly because of the need to find the balance between holiness and functionality, between excitement and veneration.

Our professionals at Lavi are uniquely talented to give the modern Bimahh an elegant and luxurious character by applying clean lines and bold elements. Many Jewish communities rely on Lavi Furniture Industries to create for them a proud and impressive house of prayer that can take its place in the urban landscape of the 21st century.

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