Bimah / Teivah – Traditional Style

Bimah / Teivah – Traditional Style

Bimot – Traditional Style

The Bimahh/ Teivah is the beating heart of every synagogue, located in the center of the prayer hall and used for Torah readings and the Cantor.It is the natural focus for the congregation. It can be a permanent or movable item of furniture.

Lavi Furniture Industries lavishes full attention to detail this important centerpiece, which is one of the prime elements in the synagogue.

Artisans invest their carving, engraving, metalworking and other professional skills to give the Bimahh outstanding presence and appeal. In most cases the Bimahh is built of dark massive solid wood and adorned with motifs taken from Jewish traditions and pre-Diaspora history.

The Jewish community typically works closely with Lavi`s experts to achieve a result of grand or modest size that best expresses their expectations.

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