Cantor’s Lectern – Traditional Style

Cantor’s Lectern – Traditional Style

Bimot – Traditional Style

The Cantor`s lectern (Amud) is not found in every synagogue. It is intended for Ashkenazi communities where the Cantor usually stands next to the Holy Ark or in front of it, thereby requiring a lectern.The traditional lectern is based on designs that have served the Jewish people throughout the generations. Made of solid wood, with a massive presence and veneer-clad panels, it is adorned with decorations that characterize traditional furniture. It follows the designs of the Holy Ark and Bimah, since all three are in close proximity.

The Cantor`s lectern is highly practical with a generous reading bench. The back, often used for sermons, has special elements such as storage for the Cantor`s books. All factors such as height, mobility and shelf location are designed by Lavi Furniture Industries with care for optimal practicality.

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