Complementary products and artistic carpentry

Complementary products and artistic carpentry

Complementary products and artistic carpentry

Crafting the complete beauty within Lavi`s determination to be the inspired source of synagogue interiors means that we take a holistic approach to furniture and furnishings. We bring design and innovation to every corner.

Among the items that we offer:

Exterior and interior doors 
The entrances to the building, the lobby and the prayer hall are all unique focal points for displaying an impressive and potent presence. The large, wide doors serve a dual purpose. They provide convenient and safe passage for worshippers. They are also among the synagogue`s key architectural items, with memorable designs that correspond to other furniture elements.

We construct tables for study and prayer in a variety of styles and sizes. Single tables serve the individual worshipper or yeshiva student. Long tables with spaces and drawers serve groups. The modern and traditional styles are adapted to their accompanying chairs.

Shtender (Stander)
A wide selection of standers include those with an open or closed storage compartment, a metal or wooden foot and more. In addition to permanent standers, simple and highly moveable models may also be ordered.

Wall displays
Memorial walls, special notices, donor acknowledgements, stylized clocks – all these are added touches to the synagogue or Jewish community center that make it come alive.

Lecturer`s lectern
Like the standers, the lecterns produced by Lavi Furniture Industries offer a range of sizes, colors and styles. Their level of mobility is determined according to requirements. At the front they can display inscribed metal plates, wood engravings and/or symbols of the educational institution.

Other items provided
If there is an item (like ner tamid, book carts, kippa holders, talit holders, railings and wall panelling) that you would like and it is not listed, please let us know so we can explore the possibilities. Together we will give completeness to your synagogue.

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