Eliyahu Chair

Eliyahu Chair

Eliyahu Chair

The Eliyahu Chair, used by the godfather in the moving circumcision ceremony, is now a feature of every synagogue.Used frequently, especially in younger Jewish communities, it has gained great importance among the religious public. Within the synagogue it has pride of place.

Much care is lavished on the Elihayu Chair – with carvings, decorations and fine metalwork. Some models even have precious stones, silver or gold elements. They carry Torah inscriptions, reliefs and verses noting Jewish traditions. The Chair may also carry plaques to commemorate departed dear ones. From every aspect, the Eliyahu Chair has great ornamental and prestigious value.

Lavi`s skilled craftsmen apply themselves in many special ways to create every Eliyahu Chair from high quality wood. They have colorful upholstery, an optional footstool for the godfather and sometimes a removable shelf used by the Mohel.

According to the community and its customs, a single chair or double chairs (for the godfather and Eliyahu the Prophet) may be ordered.

Whether the style chosen is modern or traditional, modest or ornate, simple or complex, Jewish congregations know that Lavi Furniture Industries will fashion a Chair for generations to enjoy.

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