Libraries for Holy Books

Libraries for Holy Books

Libraries for Holy Books

The synagogue holds many holy books – siddurim (prayer books), chumashim, mishnayot and more – all of which require proper storage. A dedicated library creates order, shows an impressive display and is an appealing additional design element. We therefore follow these guidelines in its construction:

Accessibility for users – Removing and replacing books should be easy. Our building plans for libraries are drafted after considering size of hall, size of congregation and frequency of book use.

Safety – Loaded mostly with heavy books, the library must be securely placed. We ensure correct weight displacement and proper attachment to the supporting wall.

Design integration – Design is greatly affected by the characteristics of the congregation, its style and preferences. We therefore evaluate all other furniture in the vicinity so that the library integrates well with it.

Over the years, Lavi Furniture Industries has gained experience in building many types of library: with curved walls; supported on stone pillars; in modern and innovative styles; incorporating vitrines and glass doors; with lockable boxes or drawers; simple hive assemblies and massive ornate designs that recall past eras and rich traditions.

Each library is built of quality solid wood and veneered boards and then carefully finished by artisans. The result is a library that blends environmental harmony with practicality and presence.

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