Related Products

Related Products

In the spirit of our vision, to be the home of the synagogues and to provide our clients with an answer from A to Z, we in Lavi offer to our visitors items and products that are not among the familiar list of synagogue furniture. Amongst the items you will find: Standers – at your disposal a wide range of standers: with open or closed storage space, with metal or wooden legs and more. It is also possible to order simple, high-mobility standers alongside massive and designed standers designed for everyday use.

Tables for synagogues – Study and prayer tables are also made in a variety of styles and sizes, from a single table to a worshiper (or yeshiva student) to long tables that serve a number of people and are equipped with cells and drawers. You can choose between modern and traditional tables and adapt them to the seating systems.

In this category you can find a variety of existing items, or order additional furniture items. Whether or not the requested item appears in our catalogs, we are here especially for this: to dream together with you, to design, to design – and to produce everything you need for your community and your synagogue.

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