Integrated Wood/Metal

Integrated Wood/Metal

Sturdy Foldable Ergonomic wooden benches on a steel frame for yeshivot and batei midrash.

The wooden and metal benches are a sturdy solution for a learning environment. The bench, which is supported by a steel frame, is not upholstered but has an ergonomic wooden back. This is designed to let students sit, pray and study for extended hours.

The seating systems for yeshivot are foldable, enabling the worshipper generous space for the ‘Amidah’ prayer (shmona essreh). Alternatively benches can be supplied as non-folding. The length of the bench is determined according to individual requirements.

Various levels of finish are available. For example, designed outside legs can be included; the rear of the backrest can be covered by wood panels; and the top of the backrest can be covered by a designed cap.

Lavi Furniture Industries also offers a large selection of designed seat legs, including optional engraving designs. Similarly, there is a wide selection of both wood stains and upholstery fabric colors.


Product structure


Design options

Wood and Metal

Metal bench with cover

Wood and Metal

Metal bench without cover

Wood and Metal

Metal frame

Ancillary items,Model 60

רגלי חוץ דגם 4004

Pew end model 4004

רגלי חוץ דגם 4010

Pew end model 4010

רגלי חוץ דגם 4012

Pew end model 4012

רגלי חוץ דגם 4014

Pew end model 4014

רגלי חוץ דגם 4018

Pew end model 4018

רגלי חוץ דגם 4045

Pew end model 4045

רגלי חוץ דגם 4060

Pew end model 4060

רגלי חוץ דגם 4070

Pew end model 4070

רגלי חוץ דגם 4105

Pew end model 4105

Model 60

Wood stain colors

Finishing Options

Wood stain colors

גוון עץ B13

Wood stain color B13

גוון עץ B22

Wood stain color B22

גוון עץ B11

Wood stain color B11

גוון עץ B19

Wood stain color B19

גוון עץ B15

Wood stain colorB15

גוון עץ B24

Wood stain colorB24

גוון עץ Mahogany

Wood stain color Mahogany

גוון עץ Natural Oak

Wood stain color Natural Oak

גוון עץ Natural beech

Wood stain color Natural beech

גוון עץ White beech

Wood stain color White beech